Jonathon Bolster

web developer, programmer, geek

I'm a 27 year old web developer, currently living in Sydney but originally from Ireland. I like programming in C# .NET with ASP .NET MVC - not to say I don't program in other things (and playing with electronics). When I'm online and not doing other things, I tend to be active on Stack Overflow. When I'm offline, I'm usually not active (something I need to sort!).

One day, I hope to have a tortoise as a pet.

This site is something new I'm trying out. I previously used Wordpress for my blog but having moved arounds hosts and discovering Jekyll, I decided to give it a try. The idea is that I could then use github or Amazon S3 for hosting my static but-kind-of-dynamic blog. So sorry if something doesn't seem right but I am getting there and the site will be fleshed out.